We have experience in car use touch panel from 6.5” ~12.1” in before-market since 2009. 

For in-car touch panel, we have shipped from 4 wire and 5 wire resistive to projected capacitive touch.

TS 16949 has been acquired.

Touch panel in car requires the ability to provide the maximum reliability with wide range of temperature and humidity change. Our products satisfy this demand. 

We have developed a technology to make the glass strong enough to absorb high impact. Since safety is one of the main issue in industrial use in touch panel, shock-proof design has been one of the technologies we are proud of.

Car accident is unavoidable. Things happens. And you never know how bad it could be. Therefore, we have developed a technology that letting the broken glass to be not shattered. 

As the screen size in car grows bigger, reflection of the screen surface becomes a safety issue. We are able to provide AG and AR coating reducing the glare and reflection. Providing the best driving experience.

We are very experience in CNC technology that we are able to provide irregular shaping as well as hole drilling on glass, even the one with the chemical tempered. 

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